June brought a small gap in the weather. Just enough for a weekend of fishing. From the marina at Neyland, the boat steamed straight out to St. Anne’s Head. Feathers on, and pretty soon into small coalfish. Trying to tempt something bigger, out came the Slug-Gos. First up, I tried the Bubblegum Pink colour  which gave a decent pollack. I tried two other colours: Alewife and Albino Shad with no better luck.

Pollack, Pollachius pollachius

According the local fishing gossip, bass have been slow to show this year, but we gave it a go regardless, trolling on one of our most productive marks. Nothing to show for it, so we tucked into a sheltered bay on the Dale peninsula and set up the bait rods. Two straight down the back, and one uptide rod, cast away from the boat. All rods baited with a mixture of squid and sandeels.

On checking one bait I felt a bit of resistance, and was very surprised to see an octopus! I’d never seen one, or even heard of one from these waters. It was just lightly nicked in the membrane and I reeled it aboard, as it squirted ink across the deck.

A few photos and this little chap was released over the side. One last squirt of ink and it was gone.

This location produced an unending string of dogfish, but no rays as hoped, so we tried another location near the mouth of the Haven. A similar story here too; dogfish dominating but a single Grey Gurnard provided some relief.

Grey Gurnard, Eutrigla gurnardus

So we called it a day, and made for our mooring for the night. I tried a few baits on the bottom here, but filthy weed – the notorious may rot I supposed – covered the baits instantly, so I gave up on fishing for the day, and broke out the barbecue.


Total Catch:

  • 2 Pollack
  • 3 Coalfish
  • 1 Grey Gurnard
  • 12 Lesser Spotted Dogfish