Early morning came with a flat-calm sea. The sun already warm by seven o’clock, though before long a slight cold breeze blew in from the north.

We quietly slipped our moorings and set sail for the same reefs as yesterday, hoping for the first mackerel of the year. The mackerel didn’t show, just the usual mix of coalfish and pollack.

Next, I tried trolling at another favourite bass mark, which again didn’t supply the bass, just more coalfish and pollack for the boat. At this point we had a visit from the fisheries patrol boat, checking out our catch on behalf of the Welsh Government. We hadn’t kept any fish at all, so after a brief chat, they issued the skipper a receipt and we resumed our trolling.

I concluded that the bass just weren’t going to happen this weekend, so finished off with a spot of bottom fishing on the drift, on our favourite flatfish mark, where I caught a single dab. Oh, and another dogfish.


Dab, Limanda limanda



Total Catch:

  • 5 Pollack
  • 1 Coalfish
  • 1 Dab
  • 1 Lesser Spotted Dogfish