Fun and frustration in equal measure, sums up my visit to Weston Fishery. I could see the fat trout lazing in the shallows easily enough, but catching them? Now, that was a different matter.

I walked up the bank of the main lake scattering pheasants before me. I noticed that all the other fisherman encircled a small pond, separate from the main lake.  I think they call this Wood Lodge Pool. No room for me to squeeze in, so I settle for a few casts on the main lake, which had a slight tinge of colour. The warden drove by and took my cash (£51 = £3 day membership + £12 day fishing + £36 for 4 fish tokens). I enquired about the fishing, and he suggested I get on the smaller pool when I could.

Wood Lodge Pool
Wood Lodge Pool

I kept one eye on the other anglers – only seeing the odd fish taken – and when space came available, I moved in. The pond had clear water (albeit with a scummy surface which seemed to get worse as the day wore on). My polarizing glasses cut right through the surface glare. I walked around the lake and realised that the remaining fishermen were flogging away at fishless shallows. I found an unoccupied spot with fat trout laying temptingly close to the bank.

Quite a few insects were visible on the water, but this didn’t translate into surface activity.

With not much room for a back cast, side to side casts were needed. Some fish were only a rod length away. Easy to spot. Difficult to tempt. I went through the contents of my fly box, trying to find the right choice. Nearly everything was ignored. Black Buzzer (Superglue), Diawl Bach, Blue Flash Damsel, Cats Whisker Gold. It won’t impress purists, but the fish showed most interest in a Blob Twinkle Orange. Some trout followed it, shying away at the last second (as they either realised it was inedible, or they saw me on the bank). The clear water did have the benefit of letting me see just how slowly the lure fell through the water column. I switched to an intermediate line, to see if it made a difference.

Eventually, a fish took the blob; then snapped the line. Later, I swear I saw the same trout swim by, with my blob still in its lip. After 7pm I moved to a slightly different position where I could make some longer casts and connected with a fish. A short battle, and my new Greys GX Telescopic Folding Landing Net was christened.

Not long after, another followed in the same manner. Both fish weighed 2lb.

Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

In a final attempt to stalk and catch a visible trout, I dragged the blob past a chosen trout’s nose. It cautiously circled a few times. I saw the trout take the fly into its mouth. I struck. I saw the blob come flying out. I called it a day. Just two fish today, but that equaled any of the day’s tally on the returns sheet.

Total Catch:

  • 2 Rainbow Trout (Blob Twinkle Orange)