We rehearsed our near-truths…

Q: “Did you catch anything?”
A: “Nothing worth keeping*. We didn’t even have to use the net much**.”

Blame it on the cold wind, blame it on the half-dead ragworm, but there is no denying this was a dismal day’s fishing. A fresh north-westerly wind created a surprising amount of chop on the water, so heading upriver was the only option. Leaving Neyland Marina, we headed eastwards under the Cleddau Bridge. I was disappointed to see the condition of the ragworm which we’d just bought. Mostly small, several were damaged and all barely alive. I’m all for supporting the local tackle shop, but I might look online for bait delivery in future. We baited a couple of rods with the worm and tried fishing in a number of places along the estuary.

Not one confirmed bite all day long. Even the crabs were only half-hearted in their bait stealing antics today. The only fish activity was a mullet which swam up to the boat, and a few fish jumping along the bank. Sewin maybe?

Surprisingly, this part of the estuary was full of moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita).

The highlight of the day was avian rather than piscine. A single osprey soared over the estuary. Sadly, it was mobbed away by a crow before it could demonstrate its fish-snatching skills. Both of us were denied today.

Osprey, Pandion haliaetus


* i.e. Nothing at all.
** A sponge which blew overboard needed recovering.