It’s not often that you end the day with more tackle than you start with, but that’s what happened this Saturday. Investigating a beach I’d not been to before, I saw some fishing line and tinsel sticking out of the sand. I often take home any litter I find on the shore, so I pulled up the line. On the end of the mangled feathers was a perfectly good 28g Abu Toby lure . In a nearby rock-pool, the distinctive paddle-tail of a Savage Gear Sandeel was sticking out of the sand. With a little bit of wading, a second lure was added to the haul. The hook needed sharpening, but was otherwise the soft plastic was in great condition.

Today wasn’t meant to be a fishing day; a few beers on board at the mooring amongst the festivities of the bank holiday weekend in Dale was the plan. However, as high-tide neared a small inflatable dinghy motored past with its occupants trailing hand-lines. Right in front of me, they pulled in a small bass. I was immediately struck with “fisherman’s envy” and tied the new found Toby lure onto a spinning rod. Ten minutes of casting didn’t produce anything.


Having a drink on the wall outside the Griffin pub in Dale later, all the talk was of the new 42cm bass limit and 3-fish bag limit.