One of the trebles is now a double. The paintwork is scratched. The metalwork is rusty. Regardless, this Berkley Frenzy lure still pulls in the fish. The red colouration maybe giving it the edge in the low visibility silty estuary.

Today wasn’t really a fishing trip; we were enjoying the sun aboard a sightseeing excursion in the harbour. I couldn’t resist a few flicks with a Dexter Wedge and a brief troll with the Berkley lure. Casting the lure couldn’t interest any fish. A kayaker nearby tried the same technique with no better result.

I dropped over the trolling lure. Mackerel are found surprisingly far up the haven and will sometimes tack a lure presented like this. After a gently take, I wound in to find a small fish. Perhaps the smallest bass I’ve ever caught? This, my first bass of the year, was welcome nonetheless. I returned the fish to grow to a keep-able size.


Bass, Dicentrarchus labrax


Total Catch:

  • 1 Bass