This is going to be one of those “Nevertheless, a good day to be out on the river” type of diary entries.

Mid-morning saw me on the sunny banks of the River Usk at Fenni Fach  just upstream from Brecon. A dry period had left the river relatively low, and gin-clear.  Low clear water and high bright sun equals difficult conditions for my first time on this beat. It brought back memories of my last visit to this river in similar conditions.

In this mile-and-a-half section of the Usk, the river flows over bedrock  through through a bluebell-strewn wooded valley.  I walked the left bank and discovered a variety of features:  dry-fly flats, riffles, small rapids, rock gutters and wide shallow patches. Very trout-y looking water, but disappointingly few fish rising (although to be expected in the bright light). A beautiful location for sure, but the slippery rocks and steep wooded banks conspired to make it difficult to get a fly into just the right spot, for the occasional rising fish.

I toiled away in the hot sun – nymphs and dries – all day without a single take. After sunset, more fish were rising, but I couldn’t tempt a single one. They fish were too spooky for my clumsy approach.

In hindsight, maybe I should have concentrated on the rock gutters. A team of heavy nymphs might have got down to any fish lurking in the cool depths.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful beat, and a good day…etc…etc..