The skipper was exhausted after yesterday’s trip (and the long period beforehand sanding and anti-fouling the hull) so I opted to go lure fishing from the rocks. I chose St. Brides, a picturesque small beach in the southwest of the county. Several years ago, whilst snorkeling along the rocks which flank the shore, I saw many pollack. This species and bass were my target.

Arriving an hour before sunset, I picked a suitable barnacle encrusted rock from which to cast: close enough to the water but beyond the range of the spray. From this vantage point I could cover most of the bay with my lures.

To cut a long story short, I went through most of the contents of my lure box: Top-water lures, sinking lures, hard-bodied, soft-bodied, spinning, wobbling, weedless….

The lures become more expensive and ridiculously named as my desperation increased and the evening wore on. The sun sank into the Atlantic. I fished on till a half hour after sunset.

No fish were troubled by my lures at all. I called it a day. Perhaps, another location in St. Brides bay later in the season will deliver a bass and mackerel.