The wind had picked up. A westerly Force 4 Moderate Breeze, gusting to a Force 5 Fresh Breeze was blowing down the Haven. This greatly reduced the number of spots where the boat could be safely anchored, as after the previous lure-based expedition, we planned to bottom-fish with bait.

Tucked into a bay with protection from the wind, we let down the anchor, and deployed our rods baited with squid and crab. ( 6/0 hook for the outside chance of a conger eel; 3/0 for bass/smoothhound/ray). An hour of fishing gave just one dogfish, which managed to take the 6/0 hook). The hooks would frequently come back covered in a green weed. I’m not so sure this is a productive habitat. I mostly catch over reefs or clean sand.

We gave up on this make and motored upstream to another sheltered spot, and tried again. Still nothing biting. A friend came alongside in his yacht and tied up for a chat. He pointed out where we could try for bass on a lure.

Taking his suggestion, we changed our approach. I tied on my favourite Rapala – a Down Deep Husky Jerk – to my spinning rod. I find all the available colours of this lure catch bass, but I prefer a bright unnatural colour where the water is murkier further up the haven. We trolled some likely places. Occasionally I’d have to stop the boat, wind in, and remove snagged weed from the line. Eventually, a small (30 – 35cm-ish) schoolie bass took the lure. A quick photo and it was released to grow bigger.


Total Catch:

  • 1 Lesser Spotted Dogfish
  • 1 Bass