The hot, still conditions of the previous day had given way to a cold easterly wind blowing down the Haven. The two days could not have been more dissimilar. That’s Wales for you.

The skipper positioned the boat over a productive reef at the mouth of Milford Haven. I opened a new packet of Varivas Sabikis, which I find outfish other types of feathers two-to-one. I put this down to the very, very sharp hooks. In fact, a lot of fish are foul-hooked as they just brush past the hooks. In lieu of a weight, I clipped on a HTO jig, hoping to repeat my luck by catching some cod.

The choppy water and occasional drops of rain meant this trip was cut short after an hour. I still managed to hook into equal numbers of Gurnard, Sandeel and Pollack. One of the sandeels was the largest I’d ever caught, measuring in at 34cm.



Total Catch:

  • 3 Pollack
  • 3 Greater Sandeel
  • 3 Grey Gurnard