Once again, the fish were hard to find. We tried on a few different reefs; I caught a few small pollack on my go-to white feathers. No mackerel yet. We broke for lunch in a small bay at the mouth of the Haven.



The sun was getting to me and I developed a headache. I went for a snooze in the fo’c’sle.


Feeling slightly better I returned to check my line which I’d left dangling. I shook my head a couple of times, shook the rod three times, and was surprised to find a full string of mackerel had taken the feathers. Whether they were already hooked and had given up fighting, or a shoal had swam by at that very moment I’m unsure. Half the fish kicked free, but three were boated. They were a decent size too.



Mackerel, Scomber scombrus


We resumed fishing on the drift. More mackerel came aboard, but they were tiny; palm size or smaller



Total Catch:

  • 6 Pollack
  • 13 Mackerel