After my July sharking trip was called off due to the weather, I re-booked for the next available date: August 10. Thwarted again. This time due to an engine problem with the charter boat. Looks like the only way I’m going to go shark-fishing this year, is to do it on our own boat. We set off for a few hours evening fishing to catch some mackerel to use as hook-bait.

We pointed the boat down the Haven towards the productive mackerel grounds. Passing the port’s jetties, I noticed a tanker called “Willy”, which amused the part of me that is forever twelve-years-old.

A ship called ‘Willy’

Arriving at the reefs, two lines went over the side. Both rigged with white feathers. The skipper was first into the fish, foul hooking both a cod and a grey gurnard, before I made any captures. I indicated I was trying to catch my fish fair and square in the mouth. The mackerel (and a few pollack) soon came though, giving us the required bait for hooking and converting into ‘rubby-dubby’ as we used to call it before the Americanised ‘Chum’ became more popular.



All set for tomorrow’s attempt on the shark.


Total Catch:

  • 5 Pollack
  • 4 Mackerel