I’m sitting down to write this blog entry long after the event. I didn’t realise at the time that this day out in the September sunshine would be my last fishing trip for many months. Lockdown followed by lockdown put a stop to any fishing for me. There aren’t many fishable waters in walking distance from my west London home. Certainly none where you are free from contact with other people.

This precious last voyage of the year took in some of the favoured marks with Milford Haven. Over rocky reefs, the dependable pollack obliged, although all the specimens this year have been similarly small.

Rapala is the trolling lure manufacture of choice for many. I’m pleased to have found a model of lure that resembles the Frenzy lure made by Berkley. In fact, this 7cm Shad Rap in the Red Crawdad colouration is a carbon copy of that other successful lure. In the coloured water of the haven, I find that red or orange stands out. In the clear water further offshore, I opt for more natural colures. Though, to be honest, I find lure-colour is the least important factor behind swimming depth and lure action.

I clipped on my new purchase to my spinning rod and dropped the lure into the boat’s wake. The Rapala did the business and I boat a bass, albeit short of the retaining size of 42cm, so back over the side it goes.

Stopping for lunch in a quiet bay, a couple of dogfish came aboard too. This one displays the typical ‘knot’ formation that dogfish adopt once boated. They almost seem shy, hiding their eyes behind their tail.

Total Catch:

  • 3 Pollack
  • 3 Mackerel
  • 1 Bass
  • 2 Dogfish