As so often is the case, two days could not have been more different. I struggled to boat a single fish. I photographed my first pollack, fearing it might be the only fish. It very nearly was.

We tuck into a small bay for lunch. Time for some new tactics. I set up a rig with two 10-cm booms, each with a tiny size-10 hook baited with the Isome artificial worm. The skipper raised a quizzical eyebrow at my unconventional approach. He didn’t rate the odd looking worm substitute. However, he was won over as my rod-tip started jerking a few minutes later. A small corkwing wrasse was the culprit. It is the first time such a species has been captured from this boat, so the fishing gods have given us a little something on this otherwise unproductive day.

Total Catch:

  • 1 Pollack
  • 1 Corkwing Wrasse