The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend “Platty Jubes” has been blessed with great weather. It’s one of those days where the sea is ‘glassy’, barely a ripple on the surface. “It’s the kind of day you see dolphins”, my mother remarks, showing the wisdom from many a summer’s day afloat.

Our boat motors down the Haven – narrowly missing a seal at one point – to the reefs near St. Anne’s head.It’s been a long time since I’ve done any fishing. I wondered if I’d lost my touch, as I toss over a string of mackerel feathers and lead….and watch them sink to the bottom. I’d forgotten to clip the feathers onto my main line.

After I affix a new set of white mackerel feathers, I am straight into the fish. Pollack after pollack come aboard. The other rod takes a few sandeels, and a surprise poor cod.

One of many pollack taken over the reefs

Mid-afternoon, the water’s surface is broken by a couple of small triangular fins. Not quite dolphins, but its smaller cousin the harbour porpoise.

Tiring of pollack, I use some of the sandeels as bait, hoping for a cod or bass. Neither species is interested. Using artificial sandeel lures doesn’t result in a fish either. Feathers are killing it today.

I switch over to use a rig with two small booms, its tiny hooks baited with artificial Isome worms. I’m hoping this will catch a wrasse, or any other species really for a bit of variety. A brace of mackerel – my first of the year – are the surprising result.

First mackerel of the year

The skipper points the bow towards ‘lollipop’ mid-channel marker, as I scrap mackerel scales off my phone. The other rods are still pulling in the pollack; I’m still trying with lures and bait for something bigger.

A couple of grey gurnard – one on each rod – on the way back to the marina rounds off the day. We home head to watch the lighting of the Jubilee Beacon in Haverfordwest.

Total Catch:

  • 14 Pollack
  • 2 Mackerel
  • 1 Grey Gurnard