I’ve heard tell of a spot in the estuary which is throwing up some big bass. I pack a spinning rod and a bagful of lures and make for the special lace. I’m told the top of the tide is best, and I arrive in good time. A couple of other anglers look to be heading to the same spot, but I’m in place first.

Seaweed is the enemy of the lure angler

The water is weedier that I had imagined. I wade out to my waist and start flicking a surface lure between the seaweed. There are only a few clear paths to try, and I quickly exhaust these.

On the walk to this mark, I’d noticed some larger fish chasing small fry in the shallows. In the clear water I could almost convince myself they were sewin, but mullet is probably more likely. I put a lure amongst them. The fish aren’t put off by the splash of the lure landing, and stick around, but none would take the bait. A fly rod may have had better luck today.